Our Customs department, will assist you on all the Italian customs offices and  provide a full range of consultancies on the related activities. In example:

Custom consultancy:


Health formalities and prohibitions; Plant Health; phytopathology and Agra Control

Taxation of intra-Community trade and intrastat

VAT application set of rules

Customs classification and origin rules

Management of Economic Community prohibitions

Economics and suspensive Customs procedures

Certification and labeling of goods specific rules

Taxation of international trade in relation to royalties

Managment of products subject to excise and related formalities envisaged by the T.U.A. (L.504 / 1995)

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Legal Advice:

our team of lawyers will be able to provide support and assistance for all the import and export needs. For example:

Customs litigation

Tax commission litigation

Drafting assistance for criminal and administrative seizures

Legal assistance

Assistance for formal notice

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